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Our services and our history

Design and construction using thermal insulating materials

The design and construction team at Foam Tech is distinguished by taking care of your project from start to finish with professionalism and care.

Manufacture and distribution of insulating foam:

Our customers praise our use of the best types of insulating materials (insulating foam - injection molded polystyrene boards - light insulating bricks - light block - geofoam) that can be used as water and thermal insulation materials.

For residential construction using thermal insulating materials

When it comes to our residential construction projects, we place special emphasis on using the highest quality insulation materials and carefully installing them.


The Pioneers in our field

The focus has increased recently on the property of thermal insulators, so the Egyptian government decided to resort to imposing thermal insulation on all new buildings, because of its benefits that reflect positively on energy conservation and buildings. Studies have shown that the Arab Republic of Egypt.



Latest Products And Energy Supplies